External Credits and Programs

External Programs and Credits Available to Cadets

1. BC High school credits program

Did you know you can get extra high school credits through your participation in the Cadet Program in BC?
1. 3 credits awarded for completing your Silver Star or a 3 week training program at CTC;
2. 3 credits awarded for completing your Gold Star or a 6 week training program at CTC or advanced training (Includes Staffing, CF Basic Pre-parachutist’s course and Full Bore); and
3. 3 Credits for training for completing your Master Cadet or a 6 week advanced training course(Includes Staffing, CF Basic Parachutist’s course and Full Bore).
Please Note: if you staff once and do not complete gold and master cadet you cannot use that 1 course to gain 6 credits.
To claim your credits speak with your school secretary or administrator and the corps admin officer. The admin officer can provide you with proof of participation as required by your school district.

2. Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh award is a national award  available to everyone aged 14-24 that pairs very well with the army cadet program. While the program will cost money to participate, it will pay off in both skills and allowing you to be a more competitive applicant for bursaries and scholarships during post-secondary education. The cadet program provides free outdoor activities that parallel some of the program requirements such as expeditions and summer training opportunities.

There are three levels to this award:

14 years – will take a minimum of 26 weeks to complete
15 years – will take a minimum of 52 weeks to complete*
16 years – will take a minimum of 78 weeks to complete*

*Minimum time requirements differ for participants who have completed the previous level. More details in the at-a-glance-guide.

You can choose to start your Award challenge at any age level as long as you meet the minimum age requirement.

Please note:
If you are younger than 14 and part of an Award Centre where most people are 14, you can start the Bronze level so you can do the Award with your peers.

As a participant, you have until your 25th birthday to complete your Award. You may submit your Award for approval after your 25th birthday, but all activities must be completed by then.


Start Here: https://www.dukeofed.org/our-program/participate/how-the-award-works/

Having completed the Dof E you may be eligible/a more competitive candidate receive funding from bursaries to assist with application for Universities and Colleges.

Some Bursaries and Scholarships to explore for post-secondary:

  1. https://www.unb.ca/academics/calendar/undergraduate/current/awards/search/unb-recognition-scholarship–duke-of-edinburgh-award.html
  2. https://www.shad.ca/scholarships/
  3. https://navyleague.ca/awards-and-scholarships
  4. https://students.usask.ca/money/awards/graduate-awards.php?award=EX5029G
  5. https://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/finances/awards-scholarships-bursaries
  6. https://www.armycadetleague.ca/wp-content/uploads/Awards-poster_CADETS-CORPS_Oct-2020-1.pdf