Upcoming Activities

Corps Training Activities (Tuesdays from 6:15 to 9:00 pm)


Link to 2483 PPCLI Army Cadets Google Calendar


  • 28 November, Tuesday – Commanding Officers’ Parade (Full Dress Uniform/C1s)


  • 5 December, Tuesday – Regular Training Night (Field Training Uniforms)
  • 12 December, Tuesday – Regular Training Night (Field Training Uniforms)
  • 19 December, Tuesday – Holiday Mess Dinner – Handout TBD
  • No cadets until January 9th – The corps staff wish everyone happy and safe holidays!



Band Training 

  • NEW (updated 13 Oct)- Band will no longer be hosted by 3005: Band Night hosted by the Regional Cadet Support Unit  Details TBD!
    • Recommendation for cadets: Open to anyone and everyone, come try it out.
    • Bring:
      • A water bottle
      • Pen and paper
      • An instrument (if owned)
      • Clothing appropriate for the weather

Marksmanship Training 

  •  Sundays: Sign up on Tuesday in Person through Capt Yarmoshuk.  Nixon Gym (CFB Workpoint) 0900-1600hrs (9:00AM-4:00PM) every Sunday in civilian attire.
    • Cadets signed up will receive paperwork and confirmation with more details for the activity in-person from Capt Yarmoshuck. 
    • Recommendations for cadets: Eat breakfast or lunch before hand and drink lots of water. Avoid sugar.*
    • Bring:
      • Something to keep busy- book, cards, game, etc. (must be appropriate (remember the Code of Conduct))
      • Water bottle (with lid that closes)
      • Pen and Pencil
      • Clothing for the weather
      • A thick, well-fitting sweater to wear when shooting 
      • Lunch (if you are there over lunch)*

*Avoiding sugar can help decrease muscle spasms allowing you to have better aim.

Area, Regional, & National Training Opportunities (by application & selection only)