Summer Training

Summer Training

A brief presentation on opportunities available for the 2023 summer has been developed for all cadets and parents here: Summer Camps- 2023 brief.

Relevant forms:

  1. For course cadets:

a. Course Cadet Start Dates – CAP 2023  (Years 1 and 2)

b. NOT YET AVAILABLE- List of CTC start dates for Course Cadets 2023 – TBD  (Years 2+)

  1. For Staff Cadets:

a.List of CAP Positions 2023 – Staff Cadets

b. CAP Staff Cadet Start Dates 2023

c. List of CTC Positions 2023 – Staff Cadets


e. FAQs – Staff Cadet CTC CAP 2023


Cadets and Staff Cadets selected for CTC will receive Joining Instructions (JIs) individually and Travel Orders. Please read these document carefully as they contain a great deal of useful information.


Fill out and return this form deadline extended to 10 May 2022: Summer 2022 CTC Info Sheet

If you wish to pick up your cadet from CTC or drop them off rather than take the provided air/bus transport, Parental Pickup Form: Cdt #118 A – Request for Parental-Guardian Pick Up w_Fortress


Additional Information:

From 2022: CAP Briefing VICTORIA

Summer 2022 Vaccine Policy –