Our cadet corps is located at the Nixon Building (Building 1367) at CFB Workpoint Barracks in Esquimalt.

We parade from 1815 – 2100 HRS / 6:15 – 9:00 PM on Tuesday nights from September to June.

To set up a new recruit orientation or for any inquiries, please contact the corps’ Commanding Officer Captain Rachel Lafitte at 778-584-8644 or & (use both emails).

Directions to Nixon Building:

Enter CFB Workpoint Base at Peter’s Street gate entrance. The entrance may be manned by a Commissionaire that may ask to see photo ID before permitting you and/or your vehicle onto the base. After entering through gate you will come to a 3 way stop. Turn right and you will immediately see parking spots on your left and the Nixon Building. The building looks like this:

Please enter building through left side entrance. View of building at left-side entrance.

Here is a Google Map link – this map refers to our building as “NOTC Venture (Workpoint)” –