Support Committee

Here you can find various documents relating to the Support Committee of 2483 RCACC. The Army Cadet Program wouldn’t be possible without the help and support of the Corps Support Committee or the Army Cadet League of Canada.

Upcoming Meetings:  2483 RCACC Support Committee are inviting you to the monthly in-person meetings. Details will be sent out via email to our contact list and posted on Facebook.  All cadet parents welcome to join your input is needed for the success of the cadet corps.

Nov 29th, Dec 6th, Jan 31st, Feb 28th, Mar 14th, April 25th, May 30th, June TBD (after ACR)

Fundraising/General Information

Country Grocer Save the Tape Program – If you have receipt tapes to be picked up please email

Co-Op Gas # 80630

Bottle Depo – Glanford location – Cadets Account #122

Forms and Documents

PPCLI Expense Reimbursement Request

2483 PPCLI CSC By-Laws

2483 PPCLI CSC Constitution

2483 PPCLI CSC Executive Duties

Additional Information

The Corps Support Committee has the following objectives:

    1. Locally represent ACLC in BC,
    2. Ensure training location,
    3. Raise funds for corps optional training/activities,
    4. Assist in recruitment (cadets, officers, and civilian instructors),
    5. Locally sharing the corps goals and activities, and
    6. Work with CO to provide assistance as needed.